Villa Dilbeek Belgium

Villa Dilbeek Belgium

Architects Atelier Ravestijn & Partners

In this Villa in Dilbeek realized Liquidfloors together with the builder a very unique project. The complete open top floor is laid in Liquid Mellow and transformed in a place of calmness. The resin floor connects the several areas in  one beautiful open area. 

Luxe and welness are important in this project with an eye for detailed finish. The Liquidfloors resin floor flows perfectly and seamlessly into the walk-in shower and even in  the sauna. Also the detached bath is in a creative way integrated in the floor.

[Color: Winter ice]
[Picture: Bert Vereecke]

open bovenverdieping in Liquidfloors gietvloer
open bovenverdieping in gietvloer
vrijstaand bad ingewerkt in kunstharsvloer
inloopdouche in Liquidfloors gietvloer
inloopdouche in naadloze gietvloer
wellness op gietvloer in open bovenverdieping
sauna op gietvloer
strakke traphal in open bovenverdieping in gietvloer
afwerking glazen omranding  trap in open bovenverdieping in gietvloer
toilet en dressing in gietvloer
villa Dilbeek met Liquidfloors gietvloeren