Architects' house Knokke Belgium

Architects' house Knokke Belgium

Luc De Beir & Diane De Beir - Monbailliu

In the architectural building of architect Luc De Beir en Diane De Beir - Monbailliu in Knokke Belgium, interior design and architecture reinforce each other in a combined design.

In their search for surprising and suitable materials, they came across Liquidfloors resin floors. A perfect elaboration and detailing is therefore elementary to them. The combination of seamless, tight Liquid Mellow resin floors with natural matter gives a unique and warm atmosphere to the home.

[colour: Northern white]

living in gietvloer met haard
woonkamer in gietvloer
moderne keuken met gietvloer
eetkamer in gietvloer
moderne eetkamer in gietvloer
gang en trap in gietvloer
trappen en gang in naadloze gietvloer
houten bureau op epoxy gietvloer
architect Luc De Beir