Liquid Endur - Gietvloer garage epoxy

Liquid Endur


Durability is the essence of Liquid Endur, a cast floor with a very high resistance.

Looking for a garage floor, a cast floor for certain workspaces, or for your studio? A Liquid Endur cast floor is resistant to alkaline acids and a multitude of other chemicals and plasticizers, as from, for example, rubber tires.

A cast floor in a garage can also be an eye-catcher. Various car enthusiasts found their way to the Liquid Endur cast floor. After all, there’s no need for a stereotyped garage floor. A subtle support of your favourite car, up to the integration of logos and patterns. This too belongs to the possibilities of a LiquidFloors cast floor.

The high compressive strength of this synthetic resin floor brings you a cast floor, able to bear high point loads. A Liquid Endur cast floor reaches a hardness up to 50 newton/mm2, which guarantees a strong floor, where durability and heavy loads are the point of focus. This floor is ideal for demanding destinations, such as kitchens, workshops, storage rooms, work areas, parking spaces, garages, etc.