Gietvloeren met 10 year warranty

10 year warranty

The seamless cast floors from Liquid Floors are placed using internally developed application methods, to ensure the expansion joints are elegantly overlaid with the cast floor. This allows a Liquid Floors cast floor to be placed completely seamless, even between different areas. A property with many benefits, as hygiene and ease in maintenance.

Liquid Floors are the most seamless cast floors on the market.

A Liquid Floor cast floor can be placed in your living room, in your kitchen, your bedroom, storeroom, cellar, garage… In short: everywhere. An out-of-the-box approach to our synthetic resin floors ensures unique effects. Liquid Floors will help you with the further development of your cast floor interior, and thus develop a seamless staircase in the same material, as well as the surface of your bathroom or wellness area.  

Liquidfloors is also fully applicable outside of the residential setting, in offices, shops and other retail business, catering and other projects.

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Design follows function in durable cast floors. You choose a design cast floor. A choice that will last for years. On top of the 10 years warranty, Liquidfloors cast floors are designed to serve for decades. Pets, pressure, office environments or shop floors,… by choosing Liquidfloors, you choose for reliability and durability, able to last for years.

The wear resistance of our cast floors is proven every day by our many projects in retail, offices and hospitality environment, where thousands of people use our floors on a daily base. Our Liquid Mellow cast floors are also approved by the strictest European directives for synthetic resin floors. If wear should occur after many years, Liquidfloors offers the possibility of replacing the top layer, without the need to break the entire floor or the need to adjust the doors to new heights. Our cast floors have a thickness of only 3 to 4 mm, but are extremely durable.

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The maintenance of your cast floor is extremely pleasant. Cast floors are cleaned in a rapid and efficient way, more efficiently than any other traditional flooring system. The tight and seamless surface of a Liquidfloors cast floor stands for hygiene and low maintenance.

Although these floors guarantee resistance to most acids and chemicals, not every product is suitable for your cast floor’s maintenance.

These floors thrive best under a specific way of cleaning, which protects and cares for your floors at the same time. LIQUIDFLOORS developed, in collaboration with Belgian manufacturers, a customized and simple cleaning program, able to deal perfectly with these tasks. This way you will be able to enjoy your unique floor, without any streaks or stains!

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Every Liquidfloors cast floor has a 10 year warranty. Yet, each floor is durably built to last for decades. If the floor should ever be worn by very intensive use, you will only need to replace the top layer, without breaking your cast floor. You can re-choose any possible color you want.

The Liquidfloors cast floors are acoustic quieting, as a result footsteps will disturb much less and environmental sounds are collected in a mild way. Hard floors and flooring systems reflect vibration and noise, in contrast to our cast floors, which subdue these sounds. A particular advantage for office environments or apartment buildings, but also beneficial for your home.

Looking for an anti-allergic floor? At Liquidfloors, you’re at the right place! A cast floor is an extremely bad environment for dust mites or any other allergens. Thus, cast floors are very suitable for people prone to allergies.

Liquidfloors BVBA is a Belgian cast floors company. It only works with its own placers, educated by the company itself. The unique application process ensures exceptionally flat cast floors of the highest quality. This is why top architects also choose Liquidfloors. In addition to quality, professionalism is of very high importance to the company. You can therefore rest assured that Liquidfloors will help you in the conception of your project, will strictly pursue the planning and will provide the necessary quality. This starts with the recommendation and evaluation of the subfloor and eventual floor heating system.

The people behind Liuidfloors have earned their stripes in the world of high-end interior finishings. They are the first to have started research in application methods for cast floors in interior environments. This research was supported by the Flemish government, with an innovation grant from IWT.

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A cast floor is, without a doubt, also a child-friendly floor. The cast floors of Liquidfloors are slightly compressible, similar to a sports floor. This adds to the durability, but also to the soft walking comfort. For young children, the advantage of this floor is that it picks up any shock, much better than a tiled floor.

In addition, the floor adapts to the environmental temperature, which means: no chilly feet.

The cozy and warm walking comfort offered by a cast floor, and the guiding of warmth through a Liquidfloor cast floor, is a priority. A cast floor takes on the ambient temperature and lends itself perfectly for the transmission of the heat of a floor heating system.

Walking comfort and being able to pleasantly walk barefoot on a soft system like the Liquid Mellow belong to our main pillars. A cast floor by Liquidfloors offers the warmth of a cork floor with a seamless design, the natural feeling of wood in a maintenance-friendly cast floor.

Exceptionally sleek and flat cast floors. This is what Liquidfloors stands for. A Liquidfloor cast floor is easily recognizable, thanks to the, by Liquidfloors, developed application method and its products.

The surface degree of a cast floor is of great importance. The flatter the floor is, the better… but also more wear resistant. A bumpy structure is detrimental to the wear resistance. Walking repeatedly on the floor will ensure that the bumps will wear much faster. Therefore, the surface degree is a measure of quality.

Our cast floors are exceptionally flat with an absolute minimum of ‘orange-peel’ structure. See it for yourself and make an appointment in the showroom. Our staff will gladly provide you with samples on which you will be able to observe the structure. Or have a look at our credentials.

Liquidfloors created an extensive range of unique colors. A sample library of every design color, which can serve to provide a particular color accent to each project. Subtle or pronounced. We cooperated with various color specialists and interior designers, and each adviser had a specific training in color theory.

If you do wish a different color after several years, let us know. We will simply pace a new, differently colored, layer over the existing floor, without demolition of your existing cast floor.

The fire resistance of our cast floors is tailored to the most stringent European guidelines on fire safety and fire-retardant properties, with corresponding standards and certificates.

This is a necessity in hotels and commercial projets. At home, however, this is no less important.
Fire safety is a serious matter and the delay of an expanding fire can mean the difference in saving lives.

A cast floor by Liquidfloors is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions. The top layer is non-porous at 100 %. This means dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate into the floor. In addition, there are no joints which may contain debris. Everything stays on top of the floor and can be easily removed with the appropriate maintenance products.

This makes a cast floor the ideal choice for your kitchen, bathroom and any other room in your house. The hygienic character also contributes to the floors child-friendliness.

This is also a valued attribute for catering and care environments.

Integrating light in your cast floor offers a look into the future, for aesthetic purposes or for security reasons. This technique is gaining importance and contributes to the harmony within your interior.

Liquidfloors is a pioneer in advanced application within these domains. Contact us for more info and please join us for an appointment in our showroom.

The visually expanding property of a seamless cast floor can be fully appreciated in for example bathrooms and small spaces. But, even in larger rooms it accentuates the feeling of spaciousness. Moreover, there is an undeniable advantage that a cast floor has, compared to alternative floor finishing’s, being subtlety.

After all, there is nothing as calmly present as a 100% seamless cast floor in a great color.

Let your interior accents, furniture and art speak in a peaceful setting.

Often, it’s the details that pull it all together, whether or not in combination with a flattering design rug...

Liquidfloors only works with internally trained people, and its very own products. This means that your cast floor will not be provided to a subcontractor. Quality control is always our priority.

Continuous research, development and specific training programs for indoor and outdoor services ensure a tested and proven result.

Liquidfloors is based on a unique application process with custom-produced synthetic resins and systems. Internal training, implementation and guidance is therefore of major importance for our customers to assure the best results.

A stable, dry, tiled or concrete floor can serve as the base for the over layering with a Liquidfloors cast floor.

This makes the floors also particularly suitable for renovation projects and the construction of new parts. This allows you to prevent a lot of unnecessary breakage or the placement of new subfloors.

Think of the new electricity mains or sanitary pipes and drains. Carefully ground cutouts can be plugged up with custom mortars, and afterwards be overlaid with our beautiful cast floors.

A total thickness of 3 mm avoids interventions to sills, window frames or door heights.

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By advanced printing techniques, product tuning and a close cooperation with leading partners in this category, it is possible to obtain a printed motif in your cast floor. In addition to mark lines and information, it is also possible to process decorative motifs in your floor, to the artists liking. Therefore it’s possible to incorporate your logo in your floor.

Be crazy. You’re welcome.

Slip resistant cast floors are important. A Liquidfloors cast floors can be up to 30 times more slip resistant than any alternative flooring system. This way, our synthetic resin floors are suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms. Fully integrated cast floors showers, and bath enclosures, can get a seamless transition to the floor and surrounding area.

A seamless floor widens the room. As mentioned earlier, it’s great in bathrooms, but it also achieves a space-enlarging effect in other, already considerable, surfaces.

Seamless floors in a smooth, beautiful color, allow rest, and blurs the borders and limits of spaces.

The internal flow is important. Regardless of the style, we always strive to achieve harmony. And seamless cast floors relates best. Thus, the colors of the walls and floors can be aligned to a perfect ‘blended’ whole. It’s also possible to create contrasts while playing with other elements of the project.

Liquidfloors only works with European developed and inspected products, with the highest environmental properties and the highest quality, to ensure your health and that of our employees. Our floors are 100% solvent-free and healthy for humans, as well as animals.

During the, to Scandinavian standards, production processess the ecological account of the entire poductcyclus is also closely monitored.

Liquid floors makes conscious environmental choices, whether it’s the raw material extraction to the preparation of the floors, the transport of our goods, the application in your project, the many years of enjoying your cast floor, up to the recycling cycle.

A cast floor combined with floor heating is the perfect combination. Parquet floors, tiled floors and other classical systems, have as common denominator that they often do form an insulation factor. This works counterproductive in combination with floor heating. Our cast floors form a great association with floor heating systems, due to the reduced thickness, 3 to 4 mm, and the conductive heat capacities.

Every cast floor easily acquires the ambient temperature, avoiding a crisp feeling on the floor.

It’s pleasant to walk barefoot on a cast floor, even outside the bathroom.

Every Liquidfloors cast floor has a 10 year warranty. Yet, each floor is durably built to last for decades. If the floor should ever be worn by very intensive use, you will only need to replace the top layer, without breaking your cast floor. You can re-choose any possible color you want.