Villa Waver Belgium

Villa Waver Belgium

Moens - Delwart architects

Warmth en light are key elements in this beautiful project of Moens - Delwart architects. By using ceiling-high windows, to become an incredible light incendence, and warm materials, the tight interior creates a homy atmosphere. Modern, but not chilly. 

With that point of view the builder chose the soft Liquid Mellow (en) from Liquidfloors that widens every room. The builder chose the warm gray color to create the cosy feeling. The seamless resin floor brings out materials such as wood and steel, that give the interior a domestic character.

[Color: Pebble stone]
[Picture: Bert Vereecke]


open keuken in warmgrijze gietvloer
pu gietvloer in moderne keuken
moderne woonkamer in grijze plyurethaan gietvloeren
traphal in liquidfloors gietvloeren
moderne traphal in liquidfloors gietvloeren
naadloze inloopdouche in gietvloer
naadloze pu vloer aansluiting raam
slaapkamer in polyurethaan gietvloer
pu vloer met ingebouwde kast
gietvloer tot aan raam
moderne woning met interieur in gietvloer