Loft Huy Belgium

Loft Huy Belgium


Inside this lovely new loft with a gorgeous view of the famous Bridge of Huy, purity and open space are the key elements. The residents love modern and minimalistic design. A resin floor from Liquidfloors makes perfect sense.

The white Liquid Mellow (en) resin floors that seamlessly merge in every space provide this interior a unique and spacious feeling. The tight linear patterns with black accents are highlighted this way. Both in the living room as in the bedrooms and the bathroom with lovely seamless walk-in showers.

This beautiful project brought aside of the aesthetics, a few creative challenges, such as working out the window step in a seamless manner or the implementation of our mats in the elevator. In the Ardennes they choose quality too.

 [Color: Winter ice]
[Picture: Hendrik Biegs]

epoxy gietvloer in moderne loft
witte pu gietvloer in moderne loft
strakke gietvloer in living loft
naadloze polyurethaan gietvloer in keuken loft
epoxy gietvloer in slaapkamer loft
open dressing met strakke witte pu gietvloer
strakke badkamer met inloopdouche in gietvloer
naadloze inloopdouche in gietvloer
naadloze epoxy vloer met opstanden
gietvloer trap en ingewerkte mat in lift